Safe, non-invasive and painless treatment - for the reduction of pain, inflammation and Swelling




Sports Therapy, Injury & Rehabilitation

An ideal treatment for anyone that is putting their muscles under stress through an active lifestyle.

What is Strenght training and how can it benefit my sport?

Life coach


Sports Massage Therapist



Strengthening Exercises



Swedish massage is aimed at relaxing your body and improving your overall health.

It is more gentle than deep tissue massage and can:

  • improve...

The Effects of Poor Posture Can Radiate Throughout the Entire Body


My journey to becoming a Sports Therapist

To be able to recover properly from a day of being at work/school (college, university etc), or from sports/exercise, is important for our general sense of well-being...

Fight Stress and Reduce the Risk of Ill-Health Through Regular Massage


Don't let the consequences of stress, tiredness or overworking, impact your...


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