Don't let swimming injuries drown you!

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the world, and while it is considered a ‘low-impact’ sport due to the fact that the water supports a large percentage of, more than 84% of regular swimmers suffer from some type of overuse type injury caused by swimming.

Unfortunately the repetitive nature of swimming means that niggles quickly become chronic injuries often requiring months of rehabilitation.

These resources can stop that from happening.

They can help you not only treat, but also prevent swimming injuries from happening in the first place. 

There are also two excellent cheat sheets to help you identify stroke technique issues which may be contributing to your injury.

This is the full set of resources that are available for you to download--

  • Stroke Technique and Injury Cheat Sheet
  • Common Swimming Injuries Cheat Sheet
  • Sink or Swim? Treating and Preventing Swimming Injuries
  • Swimmer's Shoulder - Advice and Exercise Rehabilitation Leaflet
  • Breaststroker's Knee - Advice and Exercise Rehabilitation Leaflet
  • Muscle Cramp in Swimmers - Advice Leaflet
  • Back Pain in Swimmers - Advice and Exercise Leaflets
  • Neck Pain in Swimmers - Advice and Exercise Leaflet

Our Free Advice Sheets--

  • Explain what the injuries are, how they happen, and how you can treat them
  • The exercise leaflets include interactive links to videos.


We are here to advise and help you through any injuries or keeping your body maintained to give you maximum advantage over your competitors.

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