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Staying active during Lockdown and beyond

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Another Lockdown, another gym closure!


Frankly, it's quite frustrating for the people that use gyms regularly.

We go to gyms to use the expensive and wide range of equipment they have. 


However, as I have found, you don’t necessarily need all of this to keep active and sustain a healthy body and mind.


Everyone can keep active in some way! 

No matter your age, physical capabilities or experience.


So why is being active so important?


Without getting too scientific or technical, our bodies are designed to move in ways which we can run, jump, and lift loads. 


By becoming sedentary, your body will become weaker and issues will most likely arise, the more you don’t keep active.

Connective tissue will harden and create a posture in which will most likely cause some pain or discomfort in common areas such as: upper and lower back, neck area and hips for example. 

For our joints, muscles, and organs, these will also become stronger and more efficient when you are active.

For older people, being active will help decrease the chances of osteoarthritis or heart conditions from worsening or occurring in the first place. 


Psychologically as we are active, our body releases hormones around our body and chemical information to our brains which increase serotonin levels and create a feeling of happiness.

This is important because being trapped inside without doing much just makes your mind wander to more harmful situations such as eating too much of the wrong foods for example.

But being active gives your mind something else to focus on which can be more of a positive for us.


Keep it simple!


Overcomplicating physical activity is something that is common when we have limited resources to work with.

It can be simplified, which can make this more desirable to do. 

  • Going for a walk around the block,
  • going for a run,
  • cycle on bike,
  • plyometrics (explosive jumping, sprints),
  • yoga and
  • pilates,

are just but a few examples of what you can do without needing much equipment. 


What's the pro's then?


This eliminates the fact that you need to spend money to keep active.

If money is tight, keep it simple!

Enjoy Mother Nature or make use of online resources.


To conclude, everyone, no matter their age, physical ability, finances etc. are able to be active and do something with the limited resources they have during lockdown. 


Don't stop now!


However, this doesn’t mean this can’t continue after lockdown.

Making the time to be physically active each day should continue.

Especially with those on furlough who will be working back to full time again.


Everyone can make some time to do this.


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