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Restore Your Energy with Reflexology...Wonderfully relaxing, it can help to relieve stress and other symptoms.


Reflexology works in a similar way to acupuncture by improving and enhancing the way energy flows throughout your entire body. Wonderfully relaxing, it can help to relieve stress and other symptoms.

An ancient Chinese technique, reflexology uses pressure point massage, usually in the feet, to restore the flow of energy. Based on the principle that certain areas of the feet - called ‘reflexes’ - are linked to other areas of the body through the nervous system, the reflexes have a direct relationship to the area of the body they affect.

For example - the right side of the foot is linked to the right side of the body; the tips of the toes correspond to the head; the liver, pancreas and kidneys connect to the arch of the foot; and the lower back and intestines link to the heel...

However, reflexology can also be used on your hands and ears.

Reflexology can help with:

  • Headaches, migraine and sinus problems (sinusitis)
  • Hormone imbalances and infertility issues - men and women
  • Pregnancy – ante-natal and post-natal
  • Stomach issues like digestive disorders
  • Stress, depression and anxiety
  • Sleep issues like insomnia
  • Back pain and arthritis


Reflexology is not for you if you’re suffering from a viral or bacterial infection, or if you have a contagious or infectious skin disease affecting the area you would like to be treated.


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