Stretching & Strengthening

We've all heard how important stretching pre and post workout is.

It could feel daunting and overwhelming to try and figure out what stretches to do when there is so much info out there.


Am I doing these right?

Have I stretched everything that needs stretching?

Am I doing it for long enough or to long?


We've created a full body stretch routine for you.

We kept it simple and included all the detail you need including some videos you can watch.

It does not need to take long but is definitely worth it!


Some things to remember:  

Pre Workout:

  • Always start your workout with a warm up to get your heart rate elevated.  Stretching cold muscles can cause injury.
  • Then move on to your stretching routine.
  • Start with
  • Move on to
  • This will reduce the risk of injury and greatly improve your range of motion during your workout ensuring the whole muscle is getting a better workout.


Post Workout

  • Always do a cool down after your workout to allow for your heart rate to come down slowly
  • Then proceed to your stretching routine
  • Start with
  • Move on to
  • Stretching after a workout will help with the recovery of the muscles by increasing the blood flow to the muscles and helps to moving lactic acid out of the muscles.
  • Make sure to have some rest days allowing your muscles to repair and recover. 



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