Did you know? 
Golfers are injured MORE OFTEN than full-contact rugby players. 


Golf can be HARD on your body.

62% of amateurs and 85% of professionals will sustain a significant injury - often leading to persistent LOW BACK PAIN. 


Golf is a game of endurance - both mental and physical. Injuries can and do happen. 


But here’s the good news:

Our free Golf Injury Fact Sheets provide simple conditioning exercises, so you can greatly reduce your risk of injury while improving your game.

Download Our Golf Injury Fact Sheets today and discover exact techniques to avoid golf-related injuries by--

  • Developing a proper swing
  • Building a stronger core
  • Conditioning your hips and thoracic spine for greater mobility

Routine conditioning can improve your game by --

  • Increasing clubhead speed by 7%
  • Improving strength up to 56%
  • Improving flexibility up to 39%
  • Increasing drive distance up to 15 yards with sustained accuracy

If you would like to contact us to talk about any issues you have or if there is a way we can help you improve your game, please feel free.

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