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Football is an energetic game that relies on explosive power in bursts throughout the 90 minutes of the match.

You can be proned to injuries because of the fast, slow, start and stop nature of the game allowing the muscles to become cold etc inbetween the need for them to be super warm and ready for action.

Nearly HALF of all Football Injuries Can be Avoided. 
Find out How.


If you play football, you know pain.

But you don’t have to let injuries send you to the sidelines. 
Our free fact sheets will help you stay in the game


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  • How to reduce the risk of ankle sprain by 87%
  • How to reduce the risk of hamstring strain by 51%
  • What to add to your training to reduce your overall risk of injury by 88% 


Get Practical Advice on How to Prevent and Treat The 6 Most Common Football Injuries

  • Hamstring Strains (discover what increases the risk of this injury by 366%)
  • ACL Injury (one-third of players give up the game after this injury, don’t be one of them)
  • Ankle Sprains (92% of ankle injuries affect the dominant leg)
  • Meniscus Injury (commonly associated with other knee injuries)
  • Groin Strains (21% of players experience this injury each season)
  • Contusion Injury (makes up 44% of all muscle-related football injuries)


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