Sleep influence all areas of our lives.

And your recovery is no different. Sleep plays an important part in recovery.

It's all connected and can create a vicious circle.


When we have pain in the body this can make us uncomfortable when trying to get to sleep.

When we wake up for the next day, you'll likely feel fatigued because our body hasn't had a sufficient amount of time to heal and recover.

This pain that we are experiencing can then either get worse or continue to effect us during the day.

Sometimes trying to exercises to ease the pain can be difficult if we're fatigued from lack of sleep.  Everything might feels tight and it may be difficult to get into certain positions to do stretches.


Treatments (sports injury rehab, sports massage) can help to reduce this pain that we are experiencing and also help to improve range of motion.
Usually, after a treatment, that evening you'll be able to rest a lot easier because tension has been freed off and pain has been reduced, which will then allow you to get back into a normal sleeping pattern again.

Sometimes it can take a few treatments to feel as though you are back to normal again, but with the combination of in clinic treatment and exercises at home, you'll be able to get back to sleeping better.

Sleep is also very important if you are training or exercising.

Recovery happens while you sleep and will help to build muscle and help you reach your goals safely.


Lack of sleep can 

  • influence your mood
  • affect your performance (mental / physical)
  • impact recovery
  • increase likelihood of injury


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