Mental Health Maintenance

As the cliché saying goes ‘life is roller-coaster’ and not everyone gets to enjoy the ride all the time.

It has its ups and downs and hair-pin bends that threaten to de-rail you.

Stress is a word you hear every day – just about anyone you ask will tell you they are stressed, anxious, worried about something or have been (or are) depressed.

Stress is a normal reaction to the challenges we face in life.

A certain amount of stress is necessary to keep us al going; without it, we would be bored and listless.

However, continued stress over a long period of time can be exhausting and if your energy levels are low because of illness, pain, anxiety, or depression, the additional drain on energy because of stress is a particular problem. Prolonged levels of stress can be one factor that makes you more vulnerable to physical illness and makes recovery more difficult.

Long-term stress, which causes overproduction of cortisol, can compromise immune function. More and more scientists believe stress contributes up to as much as 70% of diseases/illness, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

People differ both in the way that they react to stress and the extent to which they are aware of their own stress levels.

Stress may affect you physically, emotionally and in the way that you behave.


We've added some resources below to help you keep on top of your stress and maintain good Mental Health.


There is also easy things you can do to boost your happy Chemicals.


What are the Happiness Chemicals?

When you feel good, your brain is releasing one of the happiness chemicals or happy hormones.

There are four main happiness brain chemicals:

  1. Dopamine

  2. Oxytocin

  3. Serotonin

  4. Endorphins

to find out how to boost your daily D.O.S.E of happiness!


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