Shin Splints

Shin splints or shin pain is an umbrella term that often refers to a number of issues involving pain in the shin area.

At their worst, shin splints can turn into a stress fracture along the tibia, and searing pain will be felt with every stride.

In less severe cases, the muscles and tendons in the shin area may be tender and inflamed, or even develop micro tears near their attachment to the tibia (shin bone);


Benefits of Exercises

Typically shin splints are brought on from overuse of the lower leg, from things such as running, long-distance walking, dancing, or any other repetitive impact of the lower leg.

Through exercises, we are able to free off any tension/pain felt around the shin.

Stretching will help to lengthen the muscle and fascia allowing for more range of movement in the ankle as well as reducing tension around the tibia.

Using strengthening exercises to build muscle and increase general strength in the ankle and around the shin will help to create greater stability when running (for example) and will also help to absorb some more of the impact felt in the lower leg. If there is less muscle and strength in that area, the impact can travel quickly to the bone creating pain at a faster rate.











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