Activate your Glutes

How to activate your glutes

The glutes are comprised of 3 main muscles:

  • the glute medius,
  • glute maximus
  • glute minimus

There are also several deeper muscles surrounding the hip joint which work alongside the main glute muscles.

The glutes are used for stabilisation of the body/hip which helps with movement of the hip and with activities such as walking, standing, running, sports and exercise.

If we are sat down or inactive for prolonged periods of time, the glutes will be in a more relaxed state and won't be activated as frequently, hence why they become weaker and problems arise such

  • pain in our lower back,
  • hip flexors
  • knees
  • sciatic pain.


By strengthening the glutes, this will take pressure from these other areas which may be working to compensate for lack of strength in the glutes.


Sometimes to activate the glutes, we first need to improve range of movement in the hips to allow for the exercises to be easier to perform.

For this a hands on treatment, whether that be sports massage or a sports, injury & rehabilitation treatment, will be beneficial to improve range of movement and to reduce any pain you might be experiencing.

After this, you'll be able to strengthen the glutes through exercise, over a consistent basis.

If the glutes haven't been activated as frequently as they should have, it'll take longer to build up the strength and mind to muscle connection, so consistency with exercise is key to progress and see change in the body.





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