Posture Pain

The Effects of Poor Posture Can Radiate Throughout the Entire Body


Did you know that poor posture doesn't just affect your muscles and joints?


Poor posture can also affect your digestion, breathing and mental health, as well as risk of injury.

Our fact sheets can help you prevent a whole host of posture-related injuries.


Get Practical Advice on How to Identify, Prevent and Treat The Most Common Postural Issues including:

  • Rounded Shoulders
  • Flat Back Postures
  • Excessive Spinal Curves
  • Sway Back Postures
  • Text Neck


Plus a host of other resources, exercise handouts, infographics and posture checklists including:

  • How to Have Good Posture (and Why You Should Care) 
  • 12 Benefits of Good Posture Factors That Can Affect Posture
  • A Morning Stretch Routine for Healthy Posture
  • How to Maintain a Good Posture While Seated
  • How to Maintain a Good Posture While Standing
  • How to Identify Your Own Posture And What to Be Aware Of With Each Posture
  • 'Text' Neck
  • Why Posture Matters Infographic
  • How to Set Up Your Desk for Optimum Posture Infographic



And of course, we are here to help.


Resources for common injuries or issues

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