Back Pain

Dealing with back pain can really throw you off, right? It's a common problem, but everyone's experience with it is different.

That's why it's important to know your own symptoms – it's the key to managing it well. This guide is all about helping you figure out what's going on with your back, when to try fixing it yourself, and when it's time to call in the pros. Get it right, and you can ease that mild discomfort at home and know when it's serious enough to see a doc.

We’ve put together a unique, interactive guide to help you banish your back pain, without the use of any medication or painkillers.
The guide includes:

  • Facts & Fictions
  • Triggers and causes
  • Chronic & Acute back pain
  • Massage for back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Why posture matters
  • Rehabilitation stretches
  • Pregnancy back pain advice and stretches
  • 6 strategies for getting a great night’s sleep
  • Simple but effective stretches you can do in bed before you go to sleep (with videos) 
  • Advice on the best sleeping positions for back pain sufferers 
  • A morning stretch routine to help you get up feeling refreshed (with videos) 
  • 7 Yoga poses that will help cure most forms of back pain

​and much more...







Spinal mobility

Spinal mobility can be found in each of the sections of the spine, with certain sections having more mobility than others. 

- the cervical and thoracic (upper to mid spine), will have the most mobility

- the lumbar and sacral spine will have much less as the vertebrae are larger and used more for stability. 


To have a level of mobility in each of these sections is important for daily life as this will help with general movement, as well as reduce general aches and pains in our back. 


Having good mobility will also reduce the chance of spinal conditions occurring, such as; kyphosis, lordosis e.g.







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