Foam Rolling fundamentals

Foam rolling can be a great diy massage tool to use pre and post workout. (Self-myofacial release). 


  Pre workout (warm up):

  • reduce injury
  • loosen connective tissue
  • reduce pain
  • improve range of motion
  • lengthen the muscles, improving flexibility
  • maximise effectiveness of stretching

  Post workout (recovery):

  • reduce muscle soreness
  • improve the circulation of oxygen and nutrient rich blood
  • help move toxins away
  • ease out muscle knots
  • maximise effectiveness of stretching


Things to remember

  • When foam rolling you need to focus on how much pressure you are applying, making sure it isn’t excessive and that the technique you’re using is the most efficient.
  • Pressure should be within your bodies pain threshold, feeling it but not excruciatingly painful. Start light and increase gradually, listening to your body!
  • Only foam roll the meaty muscle parts, not your tendons, joints or lower back
  • Don't over roll it - 30 sec in one area - inexperience people: up to 3 times a week, experienced: up to 3 times a day
  • Engage your core, mind the rest of your posture & be purposeful in your movement, pressure and pace
  • Support yourself with at least 3 points of contact on the ground (the roller/ball being one point)
  • Don't foam roll over an active injury as this can increase inflammation
  • The location of your pain, might not be the source of your pain.  Try and work on the surrounding muscles as well.


  • Active rolling: position muscle over the roller and roll in one direction towards your core, 5 times, applying pressure with your body weight, take a break and repeat
  • Pressure point rolling: align the muscle over the roller or ball and apply pressure to the area holding it there about 30sec or until you can feel the knot release


Talking to a PT, physio or injury/rehab specialist can help with this as well. 




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