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Emotional Freedom Technique

Control Anxiety - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) …

EFT or 'tapping' is a simple and effective therapy that helps to reduce and remove emotional blockages.
By tapping gently on selected points whilst focusing on a problem, emotional blockages can be shifted, freeing your mind from issues, increasing creativity, and encouraging your body to feel more energised.


How does it work?

Each round of EFT tapping takes about 3 minutes. Easy to learn, this is your own supportive skill to use whenever you want, helping to give you more control over your emotional health and wellbeing. A very cost-effective and empowering therapy, tapping is quick to use and extremely versatile. Working at your own pace, you can create feelings of relaxation and calm, allowing the space needed to open your eyes to see new ways of looking at things. The list of situations that can be helped is endless, but with something so quick, simple and effective, it is easy to see how EFT can so quickly become part of a healthy emotional lifestyle.


EFT Tapping has been successfully used in a range of emotional situations and can help you to:


  • Cope better with anxiety, manage anger, and handle fear more effectively
  • Cope with the damaging effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Feel more confident in everyday life and when facing big life changes
  • Cope with grief and deal better with upsetting memories
  • Manage an experience of pain (see medical disclaimer)
  • Gain new perspectives on feelings of guilt
  • Cope with exam or pressure nerves
  • Break bad habits


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