Holistic Health

Beyond the realm of physical fitness in which we specialise, there are a host of other factors that contribute to our health.

Just as the various parts of the body are deeply interconnected, so the areas of physical, mental and even spiritual health all have an effect on each other. Viewing the different areas of our lives as interrelated is sometimes referred to as a ‘holistic’ approach to health – considering the whole person rather than just the symptoms they present with in order to treat an issue. 


While this may sound a little ‘new-age’, there’s sound scientific evidence to back it up. Stress, for example, is believed to play a part in around 70% of diseases, including cancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It can lower the immune system and increase recovery time from injury. 


We’ve compiled a few resources to cover a few ways to take care of your health in a more holistic way.


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