Happy Healthier Workplace

Combatting the Dangers of Desk Work


Physical Inactivity is the Fourth Biggest Killer

So for those of us who spend 8+ hours sitting at our desks - this is a clear and present danger.


In fact, the latest research shows when it comes to heart disease, leading a sedentary life is as great a risk factor as smoking and obesity.



So we've put together some resources to help you find clever ways of incorporating activity into your working day, and mitigate some of the risks that come with spending too many hours sitting at a desk:

  • 17 Ways to Be More Active at Work
  • Thinking on your Feet - Why it Pays to Be Physically Active at Work
  • Stretching Exercises for the Workplace
  • Strengthening Exercises for the Workplace
  • Why Posture Matters
  • Optimal Desk Posture
  • Preventing and Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Carpal Tunnel Rehabilitation Exercise Sheet


Our Free Advice Sheets--

  • Explain how you can be more physically active at work
  • How to treat and prevent common causes of back and neck pain, including headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome



As ever, give us a call if you need help with any of these issues.  

We can help take care of:

  • pain or discomfort,
  • assess and help you correct your posture,
  • assess your desk posture and help get it set up correctly,
  • give tailored exercises.
  • relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel
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