Festive Follies Feast Survival Guide

The run up to the festive season can be mad! You eat your body weight in snack platters at office parties, and take enough selfies to leave the paparazzi for dead.

Forget Tough Mudder, with shopping mayhem and rampaging relatives, financial stress, late nights, too much TV and over-indulging – the festive season can be the most gruelling event on the calendar.

It’s no wonder that nearly every one of us emerges from it with a New Year’s resolution of detoxing, getting fit and losing weight!

Surviving these wild times, as Bear Grylls knows, is all about preparation.

Whether it’s the big high calorie meals, the parties, alcohol or general lack of daily structure, it’s easy to lose your way in December. Which is why we've put together a set of cheat sheets and guides to help you minimise the festive ‘damage’ and emerge from feeling healthy and re-energised, while still enjoying the party season.
You can access all the guides below.
We've also put together recipes for three hangover smashing smoothies to help get you back on your feet as quickly as possible, the day after the night before!


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