Covid-19 Information

 Client COVID-19 Information Sheet


Although COVID-19 restrictions have been eased, as a Health Care provider, we have to keep some procedures in place.

There will be some changes in the process both before and during each session, to help ensure both yours and our safety.

This information sheet is designed to explain to clients the new procedures put into place, within guidelines from the government specification and our governing bodies, when coming in for a treatment. 

The reason why these are required is for the safety of the staff at Therapy Station, the client’s safety and those family members or friends that we associate ourselves with. 


  • If any staff or clients show any symptoms of COVID-19, the appointment will need to be cancelled.
  • Before you leave your home, consider if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms. If yes, please postpone or cancel your appointment. . 
  • All consultation documents need be signed & submitted beforehand.
  • Payment will be made contactless if possible.
  • The client would have had an appointment reminder message sent to their phone 1 day prior to their appointment. 
  • The massage table will have been thoroughly disinfected.
  • The therapist will also be wearing a mask.
  • There will be an approximate 15-minute gap between clients, to enable disinfection of the practice space, therapy table and equipment etc, with enough time to dry and take effect. 
  • There will only be time for a 45-minute appointment at the most, to allow for time for cleaning and also a sufficient amount of time for the treatment. The client will be required to show up on time or a few minutes before the treatment.
  • Clients are preferred to come alone to a treatment, however, if the client is a minor or vulnerable, they can have another person come into the room
  • Upon your exit the is sanitiser where you sanitiser your hands before you leave.

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