Post Viral Fatigue




Are you tired all the time?

Not just the usual ‘end-of-the-week-been-working-too-much’ kind of tired.

We mean the kind of tired that’s impacting your quality of life. Constant brain fog. Headaches. Trouble sleeping. 

If this has come about following an illness, there’s a chance you may have post-viral fatigue. 

Have a look at our resources to find out everything you need to know about post-viral fatigue and how to give yourself the fastest possible recovery. 

Included you’ll find:

  • A detailed explanation of the causes and symptoms of PVF
  • Expert advice on designing an exercise programme to aid recovery
  • The facts on sleep hygiene, and how you can improve yours
  • A breakdown of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and how it can help treat PVF
  • And much, much more to help you get your sparkle back. 

In most cases though, a recovery to normal is possible. Understanding the nature of the condition, and how best to manage it can help you regain your energy as quickly as possible. So let’s get started.


How we can help

Viral Infections can leave you feeling tired, drained and sluggish long after infection has cleared up. We often hear people complain of brain fog and being unable to get back to pre infection level of activity.

Lymphatic drainage massage can help give your immune system a boost and flood out any toxins in your system.

This improve your overall feeling of wellbeing.  It can reduce pain and feeling of stiffness or  feeling sluggish. It can leave you feeling relaxed which will help with brain fog and improve sleep.

Following this, Physical therapy treatments can also help further reduce any pain and improve range of movement by removing any restrictions and help you train more effectively.

We can also provide some exercises and stretches to further work on getting you back to your normal self.


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