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A Referral Program for Personal Trainers & Physical Instructors

Gain Knowledge & New Opportunities

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The Physical Training Network gives you access to greater knowledge, treatments and opportunities. It can be lonely working as a PT or a Sports Therapist. Make valuable connections with fitness services, centres and professionals to help you achieve better results for you and your client base. Collaborate with Sports Therapists to get advice on how to work with someone with injuries and mobility issues to help them progress and achieve their goals.


  • Discounted Sports Therapy treatments: Manage your own health and well-being and create offers and incentives for clients.  
  • Support and advice: Share your knowledge and experiences on physical training methods - get your clients to where they want to be.
  • Expand your network: Discover new opportunities by making the right connections, both face to face and online through digital marketing.
  • Joined up thinking: Create a seamless set of services that will provide better long-term benefits for your clients.
  • Help your clients: Enable your client to progress faster, more efficiently, and in a controlled manner to minimise any pain and discomfort.

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We believe strongly in supporting the health and well-being of our fellow professional Sports Therapists and other fitness professionals. By joining our network, you will receive the following benefits:


  • Access to a closed Facebook group for private discussions, advice and to share experiences with your fellow fitness professionals.
  • Promotion on the network webpage and social media channels to help boost your online presence and attract new clients.
  • Information to increase your knowledge of anatomy and body function.
  • Referrals to help you expand and improve on the services you offer to your clients.
  • Discounts 50% discount on Sports Therapy treatments for your own use. 20% off your clients’ initial assessment and/or treatment. 10% off any subsequent visits. (Client discounts suspended while we recover from Covid closures)


Join an environment where you can share important ideas and opportunities. Our network enables you to become more knowledgeable and efficient by gaining access to a supportive team and a wide range of useful resources. As well as helping you manage your own health and well-being, you will also be looking after your clients’ health too. By improving the way that you support your clients, you will see greater results. 


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