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All our Aromatherapists are trained to an advanced level allowing them to bespoke a treatment for you. Unlike some places, our aromatherapists don't use pre-blended oils. Following a consultation our Aromatherapists prepare a blend of essential oils to suit your condition and apply them using... Read more


For Teenagers, Couples and Individual Adults

Individual counselling can help to resolve issues in your life that cause unhappiness and difficulty.  Through a series of one to one sessions with a counsellor, you can explore those issues in a safe and confidential space, confident you... Read more


Emmett Technique is a unique body therapy, which aims to ease pain and discomfort and may benefit other conditions. The application of pressure and gentle moves enables the physical release of specific muscle groups, bringing the body into a state of balance

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple and effective therapy that helps to reduce and remove emotional blockages. By tapping gently on selected points whilst focusing on a problem, emotional blockages can be shifted, freeing the mind to be more creative and allowing the body to feel more... Read more


It has been estimated that in a lifetime we walk the equivalent of three and a half times around the planet. The feet contain a quarter of the bones in our body and each foot takes on two and a half times our body weight with each stride.
Our feet are mostly self-... Read more



A hollow candle of cotton impregnated with beeswax and essential oils is placed just into the ear and can be used to help with sinusitis, swimmer’s ear, colds and flu, headaches, glue ear, hay fever, tinnitus and can help relieve stress.

Each treatment ends with a facial massage to help... Read more

Hypnotherapy is a technique that puts you into a relaxed state so that your subconscious mind will then be receptive to positive suggestions. You will not be knocked out or unconscious but you may relax enough to drift into a sleep state, from which you would wake... Read more


Swedish body massage increases circulation and stretches tendons keeping the body supple and relaxed. Regular massage is a good way to maintain health and wellness.

Deep tissue massage works best to release tension in back, neck and shoulders and releases the knots that contribute to the aches and pains. 
Also working on the body systems and benefits the skin, muscular, skeletal, lymphatic and circulatory systems of the body.
This technique incorporates the use of hot stones within the massage. 
The heat from the stones helps to warm the muscles and release the tension. The stones are used to give a deep massage.
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