Injury & Rehabilitation Client
Therapist: Mark Beasley

I have been using Therapy Station for many years, from when it was Station Therapy, and I honestly thought, having used most of the services, that there was nothing further to amaze me. How wrong I was!

I recently came back off holiday with Planatar Heel. It is extremely painful and nothing had worked to take the pain away. So I thought I would see if there was anything Mark could do. There was some guidance about it on their website, so I did a few of the suggested exercises then made an appointment.

I wasn’t expecting a miraculous cure but after some, at times painful, manipulation and massage, it seemed to me a miracle had occurred, the pain was gone, and remains gone a week later!

Therapy Station really is the place to go with all your aches and pains of the body and mind. It has always worked for me and continues to do so.


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