Warm Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo massage is a technique that incorporates bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters which are heated and applied to the body using aromatherapy oils and strong pressure, to provide a great deep-tissue massage. This powerful treatment uses Pyro-electricity (heat activated) and Piezo-electricity (pressure activated) which when combined create an energetic charge known to contribute to the dramatic healing effects of a Warm Bamboo Massage, with benefits including:

·         Faster more effective recovery than a standard sports/swedish massage, with less pain!

·         Less treatments required for results

·         Warmth provides instant feeling of relief

·         Melts away stubborn knots, aches and tension

·         Increases joint and muscle flexibility

·         Improves sports performance, endurance and revitalises tired legs.

·         Boosts energy and vitality

·         Aids cellulite break down, tones and sculpts the body

·         Very relaxing!

Bamboo Massage is relatively new in the world of massage therapy; it was made popular by Nathalie Cecilia, a French masseuse in Florida. She started using warm bamboo sticks for massage when her hands and wrists became painful with deep tissue work. Using the bamboo tool gave her more strength and stamina for deeper pressure. The smooth sticks allowed for more penetrating manoeuvres and made deep-tissue work easier. Bamboo Massage is a unique massage involves using natural bamboo canes of various sizes to knead and roll out knots and relax tense muscles. The bamboo pieces are specially designed so the therapist can access and treat all areas of the body effectively whilst creating a spa-quality experience

Is Warm Bamboo Massage painful?

This treatment uses a moderate to deep pressure and can match results of a deep tissue/sport treatment. However, the warmth of the bamboo is absorbed 2 inches deep into the muscle which quickly relaxes and melts away stubborn knots and tension whilst providing a deeply soothing experience. Please note that the heat of the bamboo is safely maintained at a warm temperature and will not burn the skin.

Should I have a Warm Bamboo or Hot Stone Massage?

Warm Bamboo offers many of the benefits of Hot Stones however is recommended for those looking for a deeper treatment or where focus on a specified area of tension is required. Hot Stone Massage is a deeply grounding and restorative treatment, well suited to those in need of relaxation and energy balance.

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