EMMETT Technique

Emmett Technique is a unique body therapy, which aims to ease pain and discomfort and may benefit other conditions. The application of pressure and gentle moves enables the physical release of specific muscle groups, bringing the body into a state of balance

Results can be dramatic and instantaneous with most clients recognising the improvements in pain levels and range of movement before leaving the centre.

Some of the symptoms which have been helped:

  • Neck and Shoulder pain & restriction
  • Headaches and sinus problems
  • Back and hip pain
  • Knee and ankle restrictions 
  • Sports injuries
  • Pregnancy and birth issues
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Forearm and grip strength 
  • Body symmetry and balance
  • Lung capacity and body flexibility
  • Increased stability

The Emmett Technique was developed by Ross Emmett, a gifted Australian therapist, his technique is now gaining respect from both the medical and natural therapies industry.


Here are some videos of Ross demonstrating his technique:

Balance with EMMETT Technique


Overcoming Neck Rotation issues with EMMETT Technique


Stabilise your Core with EMMETT Technique.


Improving your Grip with EMMETT Technique.


You can learn the EMMETT Technique

At Therapy Station we run the EMM-Tech short course. On this 8 hour, 1 day course, you will learn 11 moves you can do on yourself, friends, family and collegues. You don't have to have any body therapy experience - This course is for anyone! 

The cost of the 1 day course is £100 and you will receive a certificate and reference DVD to remind you of the moves. 

If you wish to re-attend to refresh your knowledge, we can offer you a refresher rate of £50 (50% discount)

For dates, please see the Workshops and Training section of the website

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