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Mind over Diet

A new way to lose weight and keep it off!

Mind over Diet

Stop making excuses & take account of your actions. Time to sort out your mindset and lose the fat! 


BulletAlways on a diet?

BulletTried all kinds of diets but keep putting the weight back on?

iweb visitorOn a diet but find it hard to stick to it?

BulletWant to know why I can’t keep the weight off?


At last the answers are here!

Over the last decade or so there have been numerous studies on what triggers our behaviour towards food and what happens when we go on diets. Diets are fine in the short term. They help you get to your ideal weight but, in general, don’t teach you how to eat normally to maintain and manage your weight.

MIND over DIET uses a mixture interventions and techniques to help you on your journey to leading a natural “diet free” life. The programme will support you whilst you are doing your chosen diet, enable you to lose weight without being on a "diet" and provide you with the continual support when you have reached your goal.

Being over weight is usually a symptom of some other underlying cause. By dealing with the issue it will enable you to get a clear head to deal with the task of losing the weight and more importantly - KEEPING IT OFF!


The programme costs £25 for each session lasting an hour. The number of sessions will depend on you. Call Mark to arrange for a complementary consultation to have a chat about what the programme can do for you.