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Trauma Resolution with PICT

Trauma Resolution using PICT

Trauma Resolution

Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) is a versatile and powerful therapy which brings together different therapeutic approaches to help to create rapid and positive change.

This technique was originally created to help people recover from the trauma related to sexual, physical and emotional abuse during childhood, it is just as effective for a wide range of emotional problems like Eating disorders, OCD, DID, self- harm, ritual abuse, anxiety or depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, irrational fears, working with abusers, grief and loss issues (including murder, suicide, abortion, miscarriage, still birth, loss of job, material things or pets) are all helped through the PICT approach. 

The great feature of PICT is that it can bring about change gently because there is no need to disclose any details of what happened. The effects of the trauma are addressed and not the detail. This allows you to maintain privacy and dignity, whilst working quickly and effectively to create lasting change.

PICT clients regularly report feeling a sense of completion, a new sense of understanding of how and why they had their problems. This sense of inner harmony generally prompts clients to feel they are able to deal with challenges life may bring because they are no longer hindered by those problems or traumas of the past.

How PICT differs to other approaches

PICT has a flexible structure and provides clear measurable results. PICT can easily, quickly and gently deal with even the most traumatic experiences because there is no need to reveal painful details.  PICT is designed to work fast but still creating deep and lasting change – what would take six months to a year using most therapeutic models, with PICT can be cleared in 5 to 12 sessions. 

PICT was devised over 30 years ago but continues to remain at the cutting edge of the resolution of trauma, childhood abuse & emotional challenges. The rapidity of its effectiveness has been enhanced by the introduction of the PICT Quick Change model, devised originally to cater for clients from overseas; where resolution may be completed in a series of 5 consecutive days of 4 hour sessions. (The QC 4 hour sessions can also be offered in 2 or 3 day weekly formats).

Sessions cost £45 per hour.

"Nicky is a compassionate, empathetic, and best of all, very human therapist - from the start of my road to healing with PICT therapy Nicky led me through professionally and she held the space for me to heal through laughter and tears....Many people have asked me about PICT therapy and the best way I can describe it is this; "It is YOUR personal individualised therapy". The outcome for me was totally unexpected and amazing! Whatever form of abuse you have experienced, I believe PICT is an amazing healing tool that keeps on giving and for m,e Nicky was exactly the right person to experience my healing wth. Thank you so much"