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More of Beasley's Top 10 Tips

Helping you build a Successful and Positive Mindset

This election has really taken the toll on people both locally and nationally with it being a close run race until yesterday when the votes were counted. There has been a lot of negativity flying around and now some people are feeling deflated and down because of the results.

Well highly successful, positive and productive people all share certain characteristics and behaviours. 

Here's Beasley’s top 10 tips for getting into a positive, successful and productive mindset.

1 Always expect the best. Build your success attitude with a positive attitude! Expect each day to be wonderful. It's brilliant how, just expecting good, the low points become less and less.

2 Make it a habit to be positive. Some habits take a while to materialise and transform into automatic and subconscious behaviour. Focussing on keeping a positive mind and attitude will become a habit after only 21 days. 

3 Use repetition. As athletes build muscle by continual repetition, In a similar way, we need to send the right messages to the brain continually. 10 repetitions of a positive thought will form a foundation on which the tower of positive thoughts, actions and outcomes will stand.

4 Smile! It is much more difficult to have negative thoughts when you smile! Also, as you smile, the muscles in your face also relax, changing the way you feel, look and sound for the better. For example, Smiling whilst you are on the phone allows people to “hear” you smile, and makes them warm and react to you in a more positive way. This then reinforces your feeling of success, making you smile even more, and creates cycle of positivity!

5 Try not to burden others. Despite personal pain or difficulty, some people remain positive and avoid burdening others with their problems. They demonstrate a positive and successful attitude and are a joy to be with. Becoming one of these people builds self-discipline, self-esteem, and a positive mindset. Lets face it - we all prefer to be around radiators who give off a lovely warm glow rather than the drainers who zap every little drop of energy and positivity you have in your soul! No one likes a permanent victim! 

6 Plan to do something positive each day. Positive actions equal positive results. This will help progress you towards your goals. Nothing can beat the feeling of productivity and progression!

7 Be honest with yourself and with other people. This will make you become more self-assured confident. Honesty with yourself enables you to know where you are and what you need to do. Honesty with others lets them know where both you both stand.

8 Discard those negative thoughts. When you take photos, you get rid of those that are out of focus or badly lit and keep the better quality images. Your mind is more valuable than any photo album, and should be treated in the same way!  Get rid of those negative images in your mind and replace them with beautiful positive ones!

9 Use the word 'challenge' rather than 'problem'. Interestingly, your mind positively embraces a challenge, whereas a 'problem' has negative connotations and is a de-motivator. The power of language is amazing. Using positive terminology will help train your mind into that positive life style.

10 Protect your mind from all those negative influences! Be aware of the effect of reading or watching negative news and TV programmes like soap operas and reality TV. Our minds were not made to withstand the daily bombardment of bad news from around the world. Negative stories, like the downfall of others, is a good way to sell newspapers and reading them is a fantastic way to create a negative mindset. Stop it! To create the positive and successful mindset, do exactly the opposite! Just surround yourself with positive thoughts, emotions and people and you wont go far wrong!

Have a brilliant day!