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Please use our online booking system. Be aware that you need to follow all the stages of the booking to receive an email confirmation.

COVID-19 Changes to the way we working. PLEASE READ

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we have changed the way we work. You can now book online for physical therapy appointments. If this is your first time visiting since we reopened in July 2020 or the issue you have is different from your original visit please book an INITIAL appointment. We will then call you to explain the new systems we have in place to protect you, other clients and staff with-in the clinic. We will also get some basic info from you about the issue so we can make sure the appropriate equipment is in the treatment room for your appointment. FOLLOW UP appointments can then be booked online as normal. 

For the time being Mark won't be taking on any new clients. If you need to book an initial appointment with Mark please call us to arrange. We are limited to the amount of clients we can see in a day so it is important for all of us to be taking appointments and sharing the work load to enable us to cover our overheads and survive as a business. Without your support unfortunately we wont be able to get through this.

Thank you.

Remember if you do not get an email, the booking hasn't been completed.

Lets get you booked in.

You can book online right now or call us on 01455 634072.

Not sure what you need? Give us a call to discuss.