Post Marathon Advice

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Post Marathon Advice

You finished your marathon – congratulations!  The hard work is over!  Or is it?  The recovery stage after completing something like the London (or any) Marathon, is extremely important as the more you to alleviate any problems at this stage, the less chance of any other injuries occurring in the near future.

Here are some simple hints and tips to help in upcoming week.

  1. Rest – but not too much!  Whilst you probably wont even be thinking about running (for good reason – repair), some light walking will ensure your joints don’t ‘stiffen up’.
  2. Hydration and nutrition is just as important in the recovery stage, so ensure you keep yourself hydrated.   Again, just as in the planning stage, you should be eating carbohydrate rich foods, with protein.  So again, pastas, pizzas, jacket potatoes, sweet potato, with meat, fish or tofu.  Try to avoid fatty foods, such as fried food, curries etc.
  3. Some people swear by ice baths after a marathon – but to some the thought of this would feel them with dread!  Epsom salts (or Therapy Station Bath Salts) in a warm bath are also a useful aid to relaxing stressed muscles.
  4. Supplements – there are some studies that have shown certain foods and supplements to be beneficial in reducing inflammation, which could well be present after running a Marathon.  These are; Bromelain (found in pineapples), Coffee, Curcumin (Turmeric), Ginger and Fish Oils. 
  5. Stretching – try to incorporate some light stretching into your daily routine to keep your muscles nice and flexible.
  6. Massage – this isn’t just an indulgent pleasure, sports massage after exercise, especially something like the marathon can help to reduce delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS), increase joint range of movement, help relax stressed muscles and promote recovery, though there is nothing wrong with simply enjoying indulging yourself with a good massage!
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